The Land of the Long White Cloud

The Land of the Long White Cloud — Notes on My Visit to New Zealand By Wang Hong Pictured Above: Editor-in-Chief, Wang Hong with Maori host, Robyn Tauroa In China, when people talk about New Zealand, the first things that come to mind are clear blue skies, fresh air and high-quality dairy products. For us, …


Opening of the Chinese Consul General’s Office

Image (Left to Right): Ruawhetu Pokaia, Madam Tan Xiutian, Marissa Pokaia, Danny Tauroa During the Chinese Friendship visit to Aotearoa in November 2011, the Delegation was hosted to a dinner by the New Zealand China Friendship Society in Christchurch. The Chinese Consul General Madam Tan was present. During the dinner Madam Tan asked if Chin-Māo …


CPAFFC Confers Title of Friendship Ambassador upon William Willmott and Hiwi Tauroa

Article from Voice of Friendship | No. 166 | December 2002 A ceremony was held by the CPAFF on September 13, 2002 to confer the honorable title of Friendship Ambassador upon Prof. William Willmott ex-president of the New Zealand-China Friendship Society (NZFCS), and Mr. Hiwi Tauroa, president of the NZ Māori-China Friendship Society, in recognition …


He Pakiaka -He Whare Tāonga in China

Opening of He Pakiaka Image Caption: A Chinese P.L.A Guard greets the Māori puhi at the official opening of He Pakiaka. In May 1984 a Māori delegation led by the Race Relations Conciliator for New Zealand, Mr Hiwi Tauroa, visited China at the invitation of the Chinese Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. During …