He Pakiaka -He Whare Tāonga in China


Opening of He Pakiaka

Image Caption: A Chinese P.L.A Guard greets the Māori puhi at the official opening of He Pakiaka.

In May 1984 a Māori delegation led by the Race Relations Conciliator for New Zealand, Mr Hiwi Tauroa, visited China at the invitation of the Chinese Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. During this visit the seeds of friendship were sown.

The group was received at the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing by His Excellency, Ambassador Small and Mrs Small. It was at this time that the Ambassador and his wife spoke of their dream to have a room at the Embassy decorated in the traditional Māori way.

The Māori delegation saw the fruition of this dream as a way of thanking the people of China and our New Zealand representatives, for their friendship and kindness. Such a koha (gift) would be a cultural and permanent reminder that the health of associations as represented in the new plant, depend upon the quality and frequency of relationships.